Submission Dates:

Opens: March 1, 2016   Closes: April 30, 2016

E-mail: info@celdbudapest.eu or villert@lamb.hu

Abstract Guidelines

Important Dates
• Abstract submission opens: on or about March 1, 2016
• Deadline for submitting abstracts: April 30, 2016,
• Dispositions emailed: May 12, 2016

Abstract Submission
All abstracts to be submitted in electronic version (doc, docx, pdf) through e-mail to the following address: info@celdbudapest.eu; villert@lamb.hu

Presenting Author Responsibilities
Unless otherwise clearly indicated in the submission, the person who submits the abstract is considered as presenting author who is responsible for the following:
• Providing an electronic version of the abstract.
• Assuring that ALL co-authors have reviewed and approved the abstract.
• Communicating with ALL co-authors regarding the abstract.
• Providing complete and accurate contact, affiliation and conflict of interest information for ALL co-authors; e-mail addresses are essential.
• Presenting the abstract for oral or poster presentation, if accepted.
• To register for the conference through the conference official website and to be present at the time of presentation/poster viewing if the abstract is accepted.

Content Allowances
• Title: Up to 15 words.
• Body: Up to 250 words.
• Tables: Maximum size of 8 columns by 12 rows.
• Figures: Maximum printed size of 4 inches by 6 inches with either vertical or horizontal orientation.

Required Elements
Each abstract must include the elements listed below. Use Times New Roman, size 12 fonts. The abstract may contain up to 250 words, excluding Title, Author’s Names, Affiliation, Section heads (ie, Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions) and Tables.

The abstract title should be concise and clearly convey the subject of the abstract. The titles may contain up to 15 words. Nouns, pronouns, verbs, and other important words begin with uppercase letters; coordinating conjunctions, articles, and prepositions of 3 letters or fewer should all be in lowercase letters unless they are the first words in a title or subtitle. Example: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Impacts of Drug A and Drug B in Treating HIV. Format: Bold.

Author’s Names and Affiliations
Up to 10 authors may be included for each abstract. The names of authors will appear below the title. The name of the presenting author will appear in bold.
Affiliations: Include the primary affiliations for ALL co-authors. Include e-mail address of the presenting author. Please spell out the full name of the institution and do not use abbreviations such as “Univ.” for “University.”
Including a Research Team or Group: Should you wish to include the name of a research team or group, please DO NOT enter the names individually. The name of the research team or group could be entered as the last of maximum 10 authors.

Briefly and clearly describe the hypothesis of the study. Why was the study conducted?

Detail the experimental methods and processes employed in the study. What did you do?

Describe the precise findings of the study; promises of results “to be determined” are not acceptable. Describe what you found and include data.

Describe logically sound conclusions drawn from the study results. Why are the findings important?

Optional Elements
Each abstract may contain 1 Table OR 1 Figure/Image.

The preferred method for adding a table is to create the table in a word processing program (eg, MS Word), save it as an image (.jpg, .gif, or .png), and upload the image of the table.

Figure or Image
Save, and during the abstract submission process upload an image of your figure as .gif, .jpg, or .png file in a maximum printed size of 4 inches by 6 inches with either vertical or horizontal orientation.

Notification of Abstract Decision and Disposition
After the Scientific Program Committee completes its review and scores all abstracts submitted for consideration, an e-mail notification will be sent regarding the abstract disposition to the presenting author.



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